"I Lost My Vision And Then My Legs - Now I Crawl To Town To Beg For Food."
"I Lost My Vision And Then My Legs - Now I Crawl To Town To Beg For Food."
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For the women of Yemen, every day is a fight for survival. The UN warned as the conditions declined over the past 6 years - and now we’ve finally hit rock bottom. Children are dying horrible deaths due to lack of food.
“I lost my legs in the blast,
That jet did this to me. In the air raid.
The shrapnel hit me.
They saved my life, but I lost everything else.
Now I have no shelter, no food.
I crawl to the bakery and beg for food.
What would cause a 60 year old, blind and deaf woman to crawl for miles in the dirt?
Salama has lost her legs and has no way to take care of herself.
And she is hungry.
So she crawls to the bakery, to beg for any scrap of food she can get her hands on.
She’s blind, so people appear as shadows and ghosts. She’s deaf, so the world is muffled and dull.
However, Salama hasn’t lost hope.
"Allah, the almighty will send his helpers. I can see it and feel it. My leg hurts so bad, I am in pain all day, my body aches. I just need a little help so I wouldn’t beg anyone anymore. May Allah guard you and bless you."
She is tired of begging to help us help her, unfortunately, it gets worse. Salama isn’t alone in her struggles.
Yemen is a nation of people with no recourse.
Throughout the past few years they’ve been attacked, starved, and left for dead. Their primary food source has been cut off, and the entire economy has collapsed.
Millions of Yemenis starve, and that includes the elderly and hundreds of thousands of children on the brink of death.
Every dollar we receive is a dollar that can go to helping the helpless. Salama and people like her need your help.
Together we can feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and heal the injured and stop the suffering.
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Freedom Bakeries, a subsidiary brand of Muslims Giving Back, is a charity bakery that is distributing bread and assisting hundreds of families a day in Syria, Yemen, and Pakistan. Our Yemen Bakery is currently located in Albaydah, Yemen. Each bakery feeds over 200 families through freshly baked bread, DAILY.

At Freedom Bakeries, we’ve been helping to feed the less fortunate amongst us. But we want to take it a step further and not only help raise awareness but to establish bakeries so we can feed the needy across Pakistan, Yemen, and Syria - Where they need our help the most.

Freedom Bakeries, a subsidiary brand of Muslims Giving Back, is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID 82-2712941. Your donation is tax-deductible.

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