"So Hungry That Any Day Could Be Their Last, Could You Bear Such Burden?"

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Any day could be their last...

Take the worst day of your life and it by 10.

This is the daily life for those living in the worst areas of the world.

  • A grandfather gives his meal to the kids for the third day in a row.
  • A mother holds her dead child tighty.
  • A father spends all month searching for work, then dies of an infection.

This happens every single day.

Many have left everything they have behind to seek shelter from conflict.

The economy was strained, food and medicine became impossible to find, and COVID made everything worse.

They need you more than ever

In Yemen, Gaza, Pakistan and Afghanistan more than 50% of the victims are children.

We may pray for the world to become a better place,

but it will never be enough. We need to work together.

Each of us has a responsibility to contribute a whole lot more.

We can’t promise a stop to fighting, conflict, or politics - but we can make a difference.

We can make sure nobody goes to bed hungry.

Freedom Bakeries started with the

simple mission of feeding the hungry.

However we knew it wasn’t enough.

What if we didn’t just end hunger for a day.

What if we solved hunger forever?

That’s why we’re taking it a step further.

We want to actually develop new infrastructure.

These long-lasting bakeries will stand the test of time,

forever feeding those who need it.


The first step is making connections with local bakeries if there are any. It’s always more economical to develop existing infrastructure than to create a new one.

Next we deliver food to the people who need it most. Often these are remote locations that are neglected by other aid groups.

We provide more than just bread. Whether it be nutritious meats & stews, or other necessities like clothing, cookware, or shelter... we’ll do what’s needed to deliver the most help possible.

Once we have a foothold in a new area (and the people are eating) we start allocating resources to developing new infrastructure - most often in the form of bakeries that will be around for years to come.


We’ve already established bakeries in places that need it most like Pakistan, Yemen, and Gaza. However we’ve only served a fraction of those who need it. This is a big job and we can’t do it alone!

Because of our unique mission and infrastructure - your donations really pull their weight. We can feed an entire family for just $5. The means $50 will feed 10 families, and $100 feeds 20 families.


Humanitarian groups had already predicted the downward spiral of these poor countries around the world. Blockades and conflict and shortages have strained them to the point of breaking,and all of that was before covid.

Now things have gone from bad to worse.

Those in difficult situations thought it couldn't get any worse... They were wrong. A collision of factors has created what experts are calling the "perfect storm".

When COVID-19 came it did more than add further strain, it robbed these people of hope.

Millions of civilians are trapped in poverty, hunger, and conflict with no way out.

Hunger is ravaging the country like never before. The world community should be ashamed that in the year 2021, people are dying from starvation there when they shouldn’t be.

Hunger is ravaging the world like never before. The world community should be ashamed that in the year 2021, people are dying from starvation that was completely preventable.

That’s why we’re reaching out to ask you: do what you can to help.

Freedom Bakeries, a subsidiary brand of Muslims Giving Back, is a charity bakery that is distributing bread and assisting hundreds of families a day in Syria, Yemen, and Pakistan. Our Yemen Bakery is currently located in Albaydah, Yemen. Each bakery feeds over 200 families through freshly baked bread, DAILY.

At Freedom Bakeries, we’ve been helping to feed the less fortunate amongst us. But we want to take it a step further and not only help raise awareness but to establish bakeries so we can feed the needy across Pakistan, Yemen, and Syria - Where they need our help the most.

FREEDOM BAKERIES, a subsidiary brand of Muslims Giving Back, is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID 82-2712941.
Your donation is tax-deductible.

For all questions, inquiries, or partnerships please email us: [email protected]